Welcome to Dickey Seasonal Farm Protecting Streams & Woodlands

Welcome to Dickey Seasonal Farm Protecting Streams & Woodlands

Welcome to Dickey Seasonal Farm Protecting Streams & WoodlandsWelcome to Dickey Seasonal Farm Protecting Streams & WoodlandsWelcome to Dickey Seasonal Farm Protecting Streams & Woodlands

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Sloan's Branch Regulated -Talley Road-Ditched portion

Sloan's Branch Regulated -Talley Road-Ditched portion

Sloan's Branch Regulated -Talley Road-Ditched portion


 Channelized " Ditched" Since 1982 Located: Sloan's Branch approx 1200 ft north of 25th street Bridge pass Rocky Ford.  The Natural stream was Gutted 75 ft each side 1979 to 1982.  Debris is left behind even today.  this is a perfect example for Not Protecting Streams.

Sloan's Branch Natural Stream Dickey's Farm

Sloan's Branch Regulated -Talley Road-Ditched portion

Sloan's Branch Regulated -Talley Road-Ditched portion

Sloan's branch, natural stream in Barthomew County, Clay Township Indiana.  Richard Dickey took this

Hiking on the Sloan's Branch- heading towards Clifty Creek with  3500 ft yet to hike on snowy December day 2019.

Know your Floodplain-SCROLL DOWN to GREEN

Sloan's Branch Regulated -Talley Road-Ditched portion

Light Welding Race Car Fabrication & Engineering


Get Educated and Know your Floodplain, Floodway, Fringe.

More F

Light Welding Race Car Fabrication & Engineering

Light Welding Race Car Fabrication & Engineering

Light Welding Race Car Fabrication & Engineering


Richard is a  Purdue Graduate, Engineer and worked in Nuclear Construction and Aerospace Field, He  moved his race shop from Texas in 2015 and continues his racing career as a roadracer and supports CSCC. We provide many different types of seasonal farming services. .

Tree & Stream Maintenance

Light Welding Race Car Fabrication & Engineering

Tree & Stream Maintenance


  Removal of select trees. We relieve  Sloan's Branch of Blockage.  Erosion caused by upstream legal drain "Ditching".  Then haul to Pike's Lumber Company

We have Walnuts

Light Welding Race Car Fabrication & Engineering

Tree & Stream Maintenance


We harvest Black Walnuts and drive to Harmon's Walnut for  Packing & Shipping.  Our Natural forest of approximately 28 acres has abundant  Walnut Timber!

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HELP SAVE SLOAN'S BRANCH Non- Regulated section

Please call the   Bartholomew County Drainage Board 812-379-1525 ASAP! Please state your objection  in the Matter of Sloan Branch Extension Petition, The City of Columbus petitioned to establish the NEW Regulated drain designated as an Urban Drain OPEN DITCH that will gut the trees, vegetation & natural habitats 75 feet of both sides of Sloan Branch to Clifty Creek. Protecting streams and woodlands is important, And  better yet: Email: or Tom Finke- Hydrogology dept: 812-379-1525

How can you Help?

Call, or Email  and State..." regulating, Urban- Ditching  the lower end of Sloan Branch you'll  destroy natural wildlife, forest, habitats and vegetation."  The City, County and property owners need to Acknowledge this important point:  When Clifty Creek Backs UP! ( Result of High frequency of Precipitation),  Sloan Branch will Back up too!  A perfect example: 2008 flood and most recently Feb 6 2019 High frequency of rain then freezing temps.   We Can Not control Mother Nature! 

PLEASE!   Bartholomew County Drainage Board & Commissioners, City of Columbus and demand SLOAN BRANCH DATA-steam Flow data, flood level data, water quality data,  erosion studies and  THE FACTS need to be addressed before destruction of a natural stream and regulation by government on private &  The RIDGE Church property.  Bartholomew County:   812-379-1515   City of Columbus: 812-376-2540

We only have ONE Mother Earth

LOVE HER and TREAT HER WITH RESPECT   River History-White River:

Indiana Water Monitoring 

 The Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management was founded in 1996 by professionals interested in and responsible for floodplain and stormwater management in the State of Indiana. INAFSM members include federal, state, and local agency staff, engineers, consultants, planners, elected officials, members of academia, students, and floodplain residents. We offer continuing education through various events including our annual conference and other events such as high water mark training. Click here to learn about continuing education credits that can be earned at INAFSM events. 


Flooding Information Portal= Flood Safety

CLIFTY CREEK -Watershed 101

 Get to know our watershed! Clifty Creek Watershed 

Clifty Creek WMP Update 3-749


 Gathered by the Watershed Project Steering Committee an increased occurrence of urban/suburban runoff, E. coli, pesticide, nutrient, and sediment levels, as well as continued illegal dumping to be primary sources of water quality degradation in theClifty Creek, threatening the health of the creek and its recreational value was identified.It was the belief of the Committee that these contaminants continue to influence tributaries and main stem portions of Clifty Creek due to:

  1. Minimal public awareness regarding water quality issues and influences, including a general lack of communication between urban/suburban and rural communities;
  2. Nonpoint Source runoff from agricultural and urban/suburban related practices, including stream bank erosion, unrestricted livestock access, waste management, impervious surface runoff, nutrient/pest application (urban and agricultural), and household hazardous waste disposal;
  3. Concentrated sources of E. coli contamination, including failing or poorly maintained residential septic systems, manure runoff, and unrestricted livestock access to streams;
  4. The need for convenient recycling/waste disposal options throughout the region; and,
  5. Absence of a continuous wooded corridor along main stem segments and primary contributing tributaries.

In response to the identified problems, the Committee outlined the following goals for water quality improvement:

  1. Runoff and Nonpoint Source Pollution due to a lack of public awareness.
  2. Sedimentation and erosion due to exposed soil and degrading stream banks.
  3. Biological and chemical contaminant infiltration in streams.

These goals provide direction for specific objectives and action items identified in this plan for the improvement of water quality in the Clifty Creek Watershed. Implementation of the ideas outlined in this pan have already begun, and the Committee will utilize funds from a 2-year Section 319 Clean Water grant to install conservation practices, support educational programming, and improve overall project quality.

The Complete Clifty Creek Watershed Management Plan

Indiana Association for Floodplain & Storm water Management 


  • Excellence in Floodplain Management - Flood Response Plan Project (Indiana Silver Jackets; Office of Community and Rural Affairs; Indiana Department of Homeland Security; Christopher B Burke Engineering, LLC)
  • Outstanding Floodplain Project - The Zone A Floodplain Project (Indiana DNR, Division of Water)



Downloadable Maps for GIS

In October 2008, the USGS, in Cooperation with FEMA and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Water, released Open File Report 2008-1322, Flood of June 7–9, 2008, in Central and Southern Indiana. The flood inundation maps published in Appendix 2 of the report are now available as downloadable GIS files. The files contain flood-peak water surface elevation data and water depth data and related metadata. These raster data layers are in ERDAS IMAGINE format with an img file extension. The layers can be exported to different types of raster data using appropriate GIS software packages.

The files are available at:


Bartholomew County Property Owners since 1843.  5th Generation Family farming service starting with David Dickey who married Elizabeth McCullough in 1867 and fought Civil War 1861 Company B,then son Harry married Nannie Burnett, tilled the land and built up the farm. 3rd Generation David B.Dickey married Ruth Nienaber after graduating from Culver Military Academy and serving as Lt.Col in the Indiana State Guard.  They had 3 children, one of which was Henry Dickey. Hank was a Sargent in WWII, married  wife Ann in Germany after the war, came home to work the farm, and eventually became a tool and die maker with McKee Engineering and PECO. Ann became a public accountant from the early 60's into the next century.  Their children Richard and Gretel now own the Farm properties and  Walnut Timber forest . Gretel moved to West Lafyette after graduating from Purdue, she has Gretel's Fine Gifts Shoppe.  Richard and his wife Heidi are currently working their Dickey Seasonal Farm  preserving their farm  heritage, homestead, their goal:  Protecting Streams  and  God's natural  woodlands that flank natural stream- "Sloan Branch" & Clifty Creek .

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